10 Actions Your Remote Team Members Can Be Doing Now

Your office can be extremely productive using remote team members.  Now is the time to activate your resources to  clean reports and start 2024 with a BANG!   

#1  Your remote team member can be checking the status of outstanding claims.  Insurance companies are still working.  Online access is still available to the insurance companies.  Your remote team member could be able to resend claims that were not received, close claims that have been previously paid, and send the additional information that the insurance that has been holding up the claim.  

#2  Your remote team member can clean up the employers list.  Certain software companies, Eagelsoft is an example, insurance is attached to the employer.  If you look at this report and see multiple employers with the same insurance and same group number then these duplicate employers should be condensed into one plan.  This will eliminate the need to get run down of benefits on multiple plans that are the exact same.  

#3  Your remote team member can inactivate patients that haven’t come into your office in the last 18-24 months.  (whatever time frame you decide)  Keeping them active is costing your practice money through recare systems and inaccurate patient counts.  

#4  Your remote team member can complete chart audits on patients that have credits.  They can review EOB’s (most are found online) to determine if the patient’s credit is a legitimate credit balance.  

#5  Your remote team member can complete a full run down of benefits on larger employers in your system.  Make it perfect and accurate.  Then make sure the plan is in the system correctly using coverage books or blue books to make sure that a treatment plan clearly reflects the correct estimated patient portion.  

#6  Your remote team member can assist with cleaning up your recare system.  Those systems that allow multiple recare systems may be being used incorrectly.  Watch the training video on the recare system and make recommendations to the dentist on how to proceed.  You might need to remove some recare from a patient or you might need to assign a recare system. 

#7  Your remote team member could help with your social media posts.  You can schedule these posts in advance.  Get yourself set up for the next few months with outstanding posts that promote your practice and make your practice unique from the other cookie cutter posts.  

#8  Your remote team member could be assisting with auditing accounts for the A/R reports.  Do you know for sure the account balances are accurate before you send out statements?  Sending out a statement with an inaccurate balance will create a major headache for your team. 

#9  Your remote team member can help you gather the information you need to renegotiate your PPO contracts.  Ask them to determine the process for negotiating and get an action plan.  Provide them with your Provider Relations Representative contact information or they can simply reach out to each insurance company to ask the difficult questions.  

If you need additional information on how to implement any of these 10 tips please reach out.  We can even assist you in evaluating the greatest need for your practice at this time.  Take advantage of this down time to maximize your remote team members so when your team returns the practice reports and systems are in a better place than where they were when your doors closed.