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Business Mission Statement:

DSO FACTS provides systematic and efficient solutions to dental practice owners that focuses on receiving the results that you need from your team. You can count on DSO FACTS to implement robust systems that hold team members accountable, provide comprehensive training, and growth for your in-office or remote team members. DSO FACTS is revolutionizing the dental industry through fractional coaching to help our clients thrive in an ever changing dental landscape.

Proverbs 16:3

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” NIV

Accountability for Your Success with Gratitude and Purpose

We are driven by a purpose to make a positive impact on the world, and we believe that business can be a force for good.

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Of course!  DSO FACTS clients vary from 1 doctor 1 location practices up to the elite level of DSOs.  We will schedule a call to make sure that our services are compatible with the needs for your business.

Fractional Executives are typically overseeing a function that the leadership team either doesn’t have time for or does not have the experience level to reach the desired results.  Having someone help hold your team accountable to the training is essential especially as turnover can happen quite frequently in dental practices.

Our pricing structure is based on the following:

  • How many hours per week or month do you want to engage in our services?
  • How many onsite visits per year will you need for your business?    
  • Are you currently using a DASHBOARD with your practice(s)?
  • Pricing is also determined by the scope of services provided by DSO FACTS.  

Our pricing model is not based on the size of the practices nor number of practices.

The number of visits per year is determined differently for each client.  Together, we will decide the number of visits based on your need for training, the complexity of the practice(s), and how much you want to invest in our services.  You can always add extra days if you feel like your practice could benefit from additional onsite visits.

DSO FACTS is accountability and coaching.  We train your team and help you hold your team accountable to the agreed upon KPI’s.  They will have a coach to lean on for support.  Traditional consulting gives you the tools to use to in your practice and expects your teams to follow through.  At DSO FACTS, we help hold your team accountable AND we care about the results.  We are only successful if you are successful.

Potentially, but the very fact that you are reading this right now says you need help now.  Speakers give you fantastic information, but they do not help with the everyday implementation and accountability.  A fractional training officer becomes part of your team and helps guide them to success without micromanaging.  The potential for ROI with a Fractional Training and Accountability Officer will be much higher than with traditional coaching.

Our secret sauce is relationships and our foundation in Biblical principles.  We guide your team using TRANSFORMATION LEADERSHIP not dictatorships or micromanaging.  We design each package differently based on the clients’ needs and record all online Zoom trainings for your own personal training library.  We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and want to be part of the practice not just someone who looks for problems so that you must depend on their services.

Of course!  The company’s foundation is faith based but religion will not be trained or discussed as part of the curriculum.  We pray for our clients daily and for our team members and it is one of our core values.

You will need to schedule a discovery call to determine the needs for your practice.  There will be times where a full year commitment is necessary to see the desired results where others may have a shorter term for more specific issues that need to be addressed.

DSO FACTS is a company founded to solve problems.  Many people approached Brenda, our founder, and said that they needed someone to train as well as to hold people accountable to implement the training.  Thus, DSO FACTS was founded.  There are many dental consultants that are fantastic when it comes to providing the tools you will need to be successful and if your leadership is already top notch, you may not need the next level.  If you need that training to be implemented, repeated, and maintained then a Fractional Accountability and Coaching officer is really what you are looking for.

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