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Highly recommended. Brenda McNulty. She came to our office for a consultation. We loved that she is so knowledgeable, professional, organized, prepared and very kind. We loved her energy, positivity and the way she taught the whole team. Everyone was so receptive to whatever she recommended because of her presentation. She is great at responding back whenever we have any questions. Wish we had her training when we started the practice. Already recommended her to couple other colleagues.
Dr. Monisha “Dr. Mo”
Prior to the opening of my start-up pediatric dental practice, I knew I needed the help of a practice consultant. After interviewing several consultants, I was most impressed with Brenda McNulty’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things pediatric dental office. She has gone above and beyond my expectations and I credit any of my office’s success to her! She is approachable, genuine, available, and is a person of her word. My staff loves her and we can’t say enough great things about her! I highly recommend Brenda McNulty
Dr. Lee
Brenda played an integral part in the transformation of the pediatric dental practice that  I acquired several years ago. She helped create a team culture that makes me look forward to going into the office each day. She revised old systems and processes that increased our efficiency and in turn our productivity. Brenda is not only a true professional who excels in her field , but she is also a kindhearted, caring mentor and friend
Dr. Jennifer Datwyler
Brenda Mcnulty is the cream of the crop for dental consulting. I first met Brenda in 2016 while I was searching for dental management groups. My pediatric dental practice had been through a rough patch with personnel and mismanagement of funds. Brenda came in and instantly was a hit with assembling/organizing my team. She helped us with financial management, Standards operating procedure development and communication, while in the meantime building confidence and trust in her delivery of services. I developed a clear vision for the future and she helped me articulate that amongst my team members. There are so many aspects of her tutelage that helped us develop that it is too much to list. However, My practice by 2020 had doubled in growth and collections were at an all time high. I am thankful for her experience and professionalism. You will not find a more honest, dedicated individual for your practice needs. I am forever grateful for the balance she brought into my life and of my employees.
Dr. George Meadows
I have been in private practice for over 40 years. Having the privilege of working with Brenda has been one of the most important highlights of my long career. I originally contacted Brenda to reduce a developing burn out make my life a little easier . She quickly accomplished not only that, but helped me create a more profitable practice with a much happier staff as well as a health centered life that allowed me the freedom to spend more time with a family that I love. The decisions that I made regarding my practice were wiser and goals were established that were fun to attain and often exceed. My staff members really felt like they were with me, supporting me, and an important part of a cohesive team. With Brenda‘s help, I was able to find staff members that were enthusiastic, skilled and true team players. I have personally embraced high-tech Dentistry, and always tried to accomplish dentistry that was excellent in every way. I followed her recommendations, and it became easy to meet and exceed the dream of what my practice could become. The profession of dentistry is rapidly changing, and someone like Brenda is a necessary guide to ensure success I don’t know exactly when I will retire, but even at this stage in my career, I look forward to each and every day. The practitioners and offices that choose Brenda for help will never have a day of regret.
Dr. Sanford Barr
Our pediatric dental practice has worked with Brenda for few years in training our entire team on marketing, patient relations, efficient patient scheduling, leadership training for our managers, evaluating operations and general business consulting. Brenda is great at what she does, brings a lot of experience with her, always has followed through and very pleasant to work with, I wish her great success in her new venture!
Dr. Prashant Gagneja
Brenda Mcnulty has helped our office, Stellar Kids Dentistry for several years now. She is a wonderful dental consultant and practice manager . Her strengths are inter-and intra-office communication. What I loved about her and her team is the ability to communicate effectively with patients and she really helped streamline scheduling for us. She was able to teach our large team excellent phone skills , how to hold People accountable for their appointments respectfully so that they value our time and she helped us maximize our schedule with respect to same-day care . She is also very well-versed with current platforms and vendors who can help establish metrics. Her pristine communication skills go very far in the dental office, and she has really good insight for office culture and office harmony too . We are always grateful for Brenda’s energy and her contagious enthusiasm for dental office start ups .
Dr. Sonu Lamba
Love and enjoy our trainings, Brenda McNulty is amazing, professional, realizable and knowledgeable, We love having her here, can’t hardly wait to see you again soon Brenda❤
Our experience has been excellent! We feel fortunate to be working with Brenda. Their guidance and support are both genuine and effective.
Sunny B.
We recently had Brenda come to our office and help us with office goals. We have been working towards these goals for a number of years and when she came to help us with our strategy it felt much more achievable. Thanks Brenda!!
Natalie Garceau
We got Brenda!! Brenda McNulty is truly amazing and feels like family now. Or a Nanny McPhee who can in cleaned house and we are reaping great rewards! We are more successful financially and with more peace, joy, even happiness in our office which is blessing to our patients as well. Hopefully this is not a, “When you need me but do not want me, I will stay, when you want me but no longer need me, I will leave!” (Nanny McPhee) situation here because she now feels like a welcomed part of our family.
Wenhui Sun Oyer
Recently had Brenda McNulty come out to our AADOM group in Denver to speak to our group. What a dynamic engaging speaker! Thank you Brenda for the introduction to FISH and appreciate all the enthusiasm you brought to our group and wonderful takeaways that I can bring back to my office and staff.
Brenda McNulty is our new consultant and we had an amazing session with her a while back. We were concerned since we had such a great relationship with our prior consultant but Brenda pulled out all the stops and had us alternately in stiches and tears. She is always available when we have questions and has great ideas on how to deal with challenging situations. I always looked forwards to our consults.
Chesney Johnson

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