5 Senses

There is one thing that I know – and that is none of us know what the dental field will look like when we are finally able to open our doors and fill the chairs with patients.  Now is the time to think outside the box.   Remember our 5 senses – taste, feel, smell, sight, and hearing.  Think about your practice.  What can you do to improve the patient experience in your office with their 5 senses?  Here are 5 tips and tricks for our 5 senses: 


  1. What flavors of prophy paste do you offer?
  2. Should you use an Isolight or IsoDry to limit the taste a patient experiences? 
  3. Do you offer beverages in your reception area for your patients?  
  4. Do your flavors of fluoride varnish taste good?  Have you all tried them?
  5. Have you considered an alcohol-free mouth rinse that doesn’t burn or taste bad?  Try OxyFresh products – you’ll love the taste and the effectiveness of the products. 


  1. I love a warm blanket during treatment or a hot towel after dental work.  Warmth is calming and relaxing.  
  2. Have you ever thought about weighted blankets in your practice?  The weighted blanket has been proven effective with all types of patients, not just special needs.  
  3. No one likes a sticky surface – make sure all toys, books, surfaces are wiped down often.  
  4. A slight gentle hand on the shoulder of a patient can go a long way to calm their nerves.  A little tap can make a patient feel more relaxed.  
  5. Give all the feels by sending heartwarming cards to your patients – get well, sympathy, congratulation, and birthday cards make your patients feel special.  


  1. You want your office to smell clean but not be overpowering.  Step outside your office and then walk back in.  What does it smell like?  How many different things can you smell?  Do this often to put yourself into the shoes of your patients.  
  2. Plant flowers or have planters by your front door.  Have fresh flowers delivered to your office weekly if no one in your office has allergies.  
  3. Consider scented Nitrous Oxide masks.   
  4. Do you use an air purification system in your office? 
  5. Keep your breakroom smell free.  Prop open a back door when cooking smelly foods.  


  1. Be a patient and come in through the front door.  Look up, down and all around.  Do you see cobwebs, trash, cigarette butts?  Are your carpets and floors clean? 
  2. How is your signage?  Does it need to be updated or cleaned? Speaking of your signs, what about nametags?  Are you wearing them? 
  3. Check your SEO – can you be seen online?
  4. Do you have equipment that is less than ideal?  Is ducktape your friend?  Remember, your patients can judge your dentistry based on the look of your equipment.  
  5. Your patients will want to feel safe and helping them see your safety measures will be important.  Open your instrument packs in front of the patient and have privacy screens on your computers.